SONAE MC formalises strategy for D&I

In 2020, Sonae MC, the retail giant, formalised its diversity and inclusion strategy with the goal of enhancing purposeful actions. Within this framework, the company outlined the dimensions of diversity that would be the focal point – Gender, Disabilities, LGBTIQA+, Generations, Nationalities, and Ethnicities. Concurrently, Sonae MC established guiding principles to ensure that their approach is consistently multidimensional, taking into consideration intersectionality. These principles include a commitment to promoting equity over equality, emphasising the provision of necessary opportunities for individual development. Furthermore, Sonae MC recognises diversity and inclusion as a collective responsibility, benefiting the entire organisation. Lastly, the company views uniqueness as a catalyst for sustainable personal and professional development, ensuring that individuals feel respected and valued for their skills, fostering confidence in the organisation.