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Diversity in the workplace is now a feature of working life all over Europe. To obtain the best possible benefits from diversity, managers and workers face several obstacles that require careful consideration and there is a need for thought provoking learning resources that ask managers and workers to examine and explore traditional or long-held systems, structures, practices, and beliefs. 

The DIVERSITe project addresses these issues through the provision of a compendium of interactive infographics and DIVERSITe e-Zines which bring learning right to the heart of the work environment. Through this Online (MOOC) Platform, employers, employees and vocational educators can gain access to targeted, digital training resources to support them to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Employers & Employees

Resources for Employers and Employees

The Diversite project offers a suite of digital learning resources – Interactive Infographics and e-Zines – which provide business owners, managers, and employees with smartphone-based diversity management learning modules. 

The resources tailored to employers help them to better understand the topic of diversity management, develop their competence related to diversity issues and to collaborate with employees and team members to develop a diversity management strategy for their business. 

The resources tailored to employees help workers to develop their understanding of diversity issues in the workplace, and to feel supported and empowered to contribute to the development of a diversity management strategy in their workplace. Explore our interactive learning resources below.

Vet Training Programme

Vet Training Programme

A diverse, inclusive and equal place of work contributes to the development of essential competences required in the XXI century workplace. Therefore, diversity programmes have become more and more part of professional continuous development.

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