Resources for Educators

This training programme comprises 36 hours of learning specifically designed for VET professionals. The programme comprises 3 modules, each with a duration of 12 hours – 7 hours of face-to-face and 5 hours of self-directed learning per module. This training programme is presented through the following three modules:

Module 1

Introduction to Diversity Management– this module presents and unpacks diversity management in businesses, for VET professionals.

Module 2

Introduction to Micro-learning and Challenge-based Learning for Businesses – this module supports VET professionals to engage with, and develop their own, micro and challenge-based learning resources.

Module 3

 Introduction to Digital Tools and Platforms – this module supports VET professionals to use open-source digital platforms in their teaching practice, and to use and pilot the resources for employers and for employees in their training offer to local businesses and employees engaged in continuing VET programmes they offer.

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