“Proximity” association

“Proximity” association With the association “Proxité”: this association helps young people (teenagers and young adults) to succeed in school and to integrate them socially, most often from priority neighbourhoods in the city. It works by creating “mentoring pairs” between young men and women and adult volunteers from the world of work. Depending on the needs […]

« Arborus » association

« Arborus » association with the “Arborus” association: the “Short Ladder” operation aims to promote access to jobs with responsibilities for young girls from disadvantaged neighbourhoods by introducing them to possible trades and careers within the ministry. This scheme connects a godmother and a goddaughter from a 3rd grade class in a secondary school in […]

National Diversity Label

National Diversity Label National Diversity Label: Jointly piloted by the Ministries of Labour and the Civil Service, the diversity label, created in 2008 and owned by the State, aims to prevent discrimination and promote diversity in the public and private sectors. It allows the candidate or certified structure to evaluate its human resources processes in […]