National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)

The NYCI is a representative body working to empower and support Ireland’s youth. NYCI engages in advocacy, policy development and diversity and inclusion. Although it is focused on youth there are still informative resources in relation to diversity management.

Irish Centre For Diversity

They have a team of highly-trained and experienced Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) consultants who have worked across a broad range of sectors, both public and private. In addition to supporting and advising organizations on all aspects of EDI, their team designs and delivers/facilitates a range of training and specialist development programs. Whatever your EDI […]

Migrants Rights Centre Ireland MRCI

The MCRI provides training initiatives and oers related to migrant rights, diversity, and equality. Their vision is for an open, equal and diverse society where migrant workers and their families can move, work and live in dignity. Their mission is to empower migrant workers in low paid and precarious work to secure and advance their […]

DCM The Learning Experts

This is a reputable organization known for its expertise in providing professional development and training solutions. Specializing in diverse areas such as leadership, project management, and communication skills, DCM offers tailored programs that enhance individual and team capabilities. More specifically it offers an Equality Diversity and Inclusion course.

Irish Council of Civil Liberties

ICCL is a membership organization and are fully independent of government. They are dedicated to promoting and defending human rights and civil liberties. They work through advocacy, legal expertise and public engagement to address issues such as freedom of expression, privacy, and equality. By actively participating in legal cases, policy development, and public discourse, the […]