Einheitlichen Ansprechstellen für Arbeitgeber

Einheitlichen Ansprechstellen für Arbeitgeber The central contact point for employers offers support to hire people with dissabilities. The reasons to hire from this group of people is listed in the flyer as well as measures for support. Additonally, a short explanatory video describes the situation of an employer who hires people with dissabilities. The entire […]

Diversity in der Arbeitswelt – ein Überblick

German Diversity Index 2022: Diversitätsengagement des DAX 40 The introduction and collection of statistics enlightens the status quo of diversity in the world of work in Germany. It devides diversity into ethnical background and nationality, gender and gender identity, sexual orienation, physical and mental abilities. https://de.statista.com/themen/8045/diversity-in-der-arbeitswelt/#dossier-chapter3