Fostering accessibility and empowering lives through Altice's inclusive program

Altice, a prominent telecommunications company, has launched the transformative “Programa Inclui” through its foundation, Fundação Altice Portugal. This holistic initiative spans services, products, and solutions, aiming to enhance accessibility, communication, and overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities. The program operates in three primary areas: Services (providing cost benefits for MEO services catering to individuals with disabilities), products (Offering cost benefits for market-leading products fostering digital accessibility, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and augmentative communication devices) and solutions (delivering technological solutions and services developed by the Altice Foundation, available free of charge to those in need.With a central focus on making mobile devices and computers accessible, facilitating inclusive communication, and enhancing the autonomy of individuals with disabilities, the Inclusive Program has made a significant impact, subsidized numerous products, and provided various solutions. These include Teleaula, benefiting students, Magic Contact for enhanced communication, and customer service in Portuguese Sign Language for improved accessibility. Altice’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond telecommunications, actively contributing to the well-being and empowerment of individuals with disabilities in Portugal.