Grupo Portugália Restauração invests on inclusive and local recruiting

Over the last three years, Grupo Portugália Restauração has actively championed inclusive employment, collaborating with social economy networks. As a leader in the restaurant industry, the company recognises its significant role in providing employment opportunities in the communities it serves. Partnerships with the employment networks of Lisbon and participation in Redemprega of Vale de Alcântara have allowed the organisation to identify and offer jobs to previously marginalised groups, including candidates from BIP/ZIPs, long-term unemployed individuals, immigrants, refugees, and those with disabilities and mental health challenges.Simultaneously, Grupo Portugália Restauração upholds a strong commitment to Internal Social Responsibility (RSI), offering support to all employees from their entry point, ensuring they receive assistance in the face of any personal or familial difficulties. Through these initiatives, 40% of the company’s employees represent diverse nationalities, religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Over 120 professional internships for individuals with disabilities have been successfully created, with the organisation partnering with institutions to offer employment opportunities to those expressing interest in staying with the company. This commitment has cultivated a rich and diverse culture within the restaurants and teams, reflecting the organisation’s dedication to inclusivity and social responsibility.

Portugália Restauração