Inclusive cinema series: Promoting diversity and inclusion at El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés, Grandes Armazéns, SA, has implemented a best practice in Portugal known as the “Cinema Inclusivo” cycle, featuring screenings of the film “Campeones.” This engaging initiative is customised for company employees and aims to raise awareness about the social and professional inclusion of individuals with disabilities. The sessions, each lasting 2 hours, are scheduled at various times throughout the year, creating a year-long programme. The initiative necessitates a dedicated space for screening sessions, and El Corte Inglés efficiently utilised an existing space for the screenings, eliminating the need for additional financial resources. The “Cinema Inclusivo” initiative represents a distinctive approach to raising awareness about diversity and inclusion. By harnessing the power of film, El Corte Inglés establishes a meaningful platform for employees to engage with and comprehend the importance of fostering a workplace culture that is inclusive and diverse. This best practice not only aligns with the company’s cultural values but also serves as a creative and impactful method of promoting awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion topics.