Together for Gender Parity

Together for Gender Parity Organization actively recruits with the principles of DEI and has established networks as well as a culture of inclusivity. By 2025, the company hopes to implement gender parity in all management levels.

colourful perspectives

colourful perspectives You are now in a space that is as colourful as our perspectives. Diversity and community are the pillars of our work. True to our motto, we are shaping the working world of today and tomorrow with our measures and projects.So let’s go on a journey of discovery together, be inspired and learn […]

Networking platform and strategy exchange

Networking platform and strategy exchange This ‘Employee Resource Group’ aims to facilitate skillful integration of LGBTQIA+ community into the workplace, encourages employer branding, and provides tools for allies and employees.

Strategy -> Equality and diversity of our employees is important to us.

Strategy -> Equality and diversity of our employees is important to us. An important objective of the equal opportunities and women’s advancement plan is to increase the proportion of women in management positions.Family friendliness is an integral part of the Labour Market Service’s personnel and corporate policy.Diversity is important to us, not least because it […]

Equal opportunities measures

Equal opportunities measures Implement measures to promote gender equality, such as equal pay for equal work and programmes to support women in leadership positions.